Death and state funeral of Josip Broz Tito Tank

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The funeral of Josip Broz Tito, President of Yugoslavia, was held on 8 May 1980, four days after his death on 4 May. His funeral drew many World statesmen, both of non-aligned and aligned countries. Based on the number of attending politicians and state delegations, it was the largest state funeral in history. The attendees included four kings, 31 presidents, six princes, 22 prime ministers, and 47 ministers of foreign affairs, from both sides of the Iron Curtain and beyond. In total, 128 countries out of the 154 UN members at the time were represented. Also present were delegates from seven multilateral organizations, six movements and 40 political parties.

Tito had become increasingly ill throughout the course of 1979. On 7 January and again on 11 January 1980, Tito was admitted to the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana, the capital city of SR Slovenia, with circulation problems in his legs. His left leg was amputated soon afterward due to arterial blockages, and he died of gangrene at the Medical Centre Ljubljana on 4 May 1980 at 3:05 pm, three days short of his 88th birthday. The Plavi voz ("Blue train", official presidential train) brought his body to the Yugoslav capital Belgrade where it lay in state at the Federal Parliament building until the funeral.